Smooth Tuesdays: Nano Keratin "Brazilian blow-dry" from £120 (Radlett)

Smooth, shiny and straighter hair, using the revolutionary Nanokeratin System, at an amazingly low price. (Tuesdays at our Radlett salon only.) 

Few things are as good for the mood as stepping out with great hair; yet following this treatment it’s possible every day, without spending your whole morning styling it – a few minutes is all you will need. Having fabulous hair becomes a breeze, as if you've had a "permanent blowdry", with results only achievable otherwise with weekly salon visits (which will put your hair into shape for just a few days). And this is far superior because not only does it last for around three to four months, but also the hair has been completely repaired. You could say it's a life-changing procedure!

Customers who have our Nanokeratin treatment rave about it (as do we), saying they couldn't live without it. Sometimes generically referred to as a brazilian blowdry or permanent blowdry, the Nanokeratin System is the best, most enduring hair smoothing treatment around, and used in top salons such as Daniel Galvin and Nicky Clarke. It is also completely safe and shouldn't be confused with some of the earlier treatments on the market, which it is light years beyond. 

We usually charge £150+ for this service (available in both salons). So now is the time to see what you have been missing! 

Please call the salon for more information and to find out how soon it will be before you too can have perfect, beautiful hair every day.

TEL: 01923 856351

An in-salon before-and-after